The beginnings of Brookhurst Mill can be traced back to as early as 1933 when original founder Ernest Zimmer starting mixing feeds for his own poultry ranch. After perfecting a well-balanced poultry mash, Zimmer had a mixer built for him by a local blacksmith. By 1940 Mr. Zimmer had a workable farm mill to feed his own flock. Once his poultry farm neighbors began to notice how Mr. Zimmer’s flock was thriving under his feed they began to purchase their feed from him. Shortly after World War II, Mr. Zimmer was joined by his sons-in-law, Gordon and Lewis, and started in the commercial feed business. A new mill was constructed in Anaheim, CA with a capacity of 8 ton per day.


In September of 1954, construction of Feathercrest Farms in Anaheim was completed. Here Brookhurst Mill was able to conduct feed tests and customized feeds based on research from in-house flocks. Brookhurst Mill began using the slogan "Ranch Proven Poultry Feeds". Brookhurst Mill was originally built in the farming area of Anaheim but began to see that the city was moving towards residential development. With an eye to the future, Brookhurst Mill moved to Riverside, CA in 1957.


In 1958, construction started on the brand new mill at our Riverside location. Construction was completed in 1959. With the new automatic mill, Brookhurst Mill was able to produce as much feed in a month as it had for the entire year of 1950. Today Brookhurst Mill is still family owned and operated and produces the same award winning feeds. Brookhurst Mill specializes in poultry and hog feeds, but also produces excellent game bird and turkey feeds at affordable prices.



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